Hey guys, how’s the weekend going? I know we’re all super excited about the super eagles #NaijaAllTheWay. So my blogger friend, Mandy and I decided to do some sort of collaboration and review our weekend trip to Tinapa (yes, that trip, lol). This is her review from the point of an everyday optimistic girl , my review is from a photographer’s POV (point of view) which is up on her blog: StyleVidabyMandy a link will be inserted at the end of this post.

Here goes guys, enjoy:


Hi lovelies, so after my Kwa Falls waka which I didn’t fail to share with y’all (Click HERE if you missed it) I decided together with my blogger friend, Amaka of Life of Amaka to go on a tour rampage, visit the exciting parts of Calabar and give you the juicy details and review.

This time, we decided to visit Tinapa Resort Calabar because of the buzz and the instagram pictures from their Instagram page. From the existence of Tinapa, I have never visited the place and just heard amazing stories from friends and families that visited the place. So even though the fun places in Calabar seemed to be falling apart I had high hopes and anticipation of serious fun in Tinapa.


My friends and I went for a little picnic and sightseeing of the place and also used the opportunity to mildly celebrate Bolu’s birthday (BTW Bolu is a friend from camp and my neighbor at home).


BOLU and I

In all our hopes and dreams for fun, we met a dead zone at Tinapa Resort…..A whole Tinapa in all its grace was empty and like an evacuated city. A world of its own created to be a world of fun, business and experience laid there like a ghost town with nothing but few staff walking around…..well at least there was security.

Of recent, I have been reading Okechukwu Ofili’s How Intelligence Kills and in one of the chapters, he compared the Nigerian system and the American system, he drew the conclusion pointing out that the problem that our system has is we don’t have a structure. Well this time, we have the structures….fully built but still no visitors, no tourists or even customers.

The structures are fully built, designed and equipped but are not currently in use….abandoned chairs, dusty floors/rugs and rat poop everywhere with sealed doors. Sitting pretty and wasting away is millions of Naira invested but with a government not interested in maintaining it and thinking of salvaging the resources to generate internal revenues for themselves.




After walking around, we discovered that all we could do was create our own fun and take plenty of pictures which we did because nothing was working….not the exotic water slides or even the mono rails that lead to Marina Resort and back (I actually looked forward to taking a ride no matter the cost or fee that will be charged). We took plenty of pictures, played games and ate the stuff we came with before we discovered the existence of one fun stuff we could do.


Susan found out that the boat ride was available so we were led through the Fisherman’s Village leading up to the walk way or mini bridge connecting us to the water and where the boat was parked.


That was my first time on a boat and that close to water…. I ensured that I enjoyed the moment plus I had the right amount of alcohol in my system to make everything around me seem fun. So the boat ride started and it was fun all the way, the sailor or man in charge actually suspected that we were all drunk but we sure explained that we were just so happy and not drunk. The boat ride was for about 20-30 minutes and at some point he just turned off the engine and let the boat glide smoothly on the water and we enjoyed the view of the water for about 15-20minutes within which I popped the bottle of Andre wine we had and we all drank including the sailor which we feared that if we didn’t give, he may just vex and leave us on the water…..after all he is home already.


Coming back to the bay, I discovered an amazing rocky path that is perfect for pictures and for sure I took the opportunity and took amazing shots there with the help of my roommate, Winifred.


Although I was totally disappointed in the current situation of a whole Tinapa Resort, going there with a bunch of crazy friends was the best decision I took because without them and the boat ride, I would have come home pissed, gone straight and probably never write this post. At the end, it was a good day.

Mandy, Nature

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Ever been to Tinapa Resort? What can you say about the place? When did you visit and will you like to have it on your bucketlist?