Happy New Month my delicious penguins (lol, I have no idea where this came from) and welcome to my birth month my darlings (23rd is the day save it).

*heaves a big sigh of relief* in as much as June started off well, the end was troubling, sad and heartbreaking for me and all of Nigeria. May the souls of all the departed faithful, through the mercy of God rest in peace. Amen.


As always, a SPECIAL THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU for the love, the comments, views and likes, you are all beyond amazing. I create content (even when I’m not in the mood) just for you guys and I really do appreciate your support.

There are two sides to a coin, which means the month of June had its upside and downside (plenty gist guys, plenty gist). LEGGO!!!


Work: SCHOOL IS OVER!!! Lol, yes I had to use block letters. Ugh, boy am I glad school is over, my exam was among the first they wrote so I started marking early (you’d think I’m done marking o). Anyways, holiday begins, 8 weeks, damn, I’m so going to be fat….or not.

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Music: on repeat was Brymo’s album OSO, my favourites been “God is in your mind” and “Entropy”. I feel like Brymo is so much of an underrated artist (and Johnny Drille too) but then this is Nigeria.

Fitfam: *puffs chest* *shoulder-pads extending to the ceiling* guess who registered for the gym guys? LOL, I haven’t started though but I have registered so stick with me through my fitfam journey for the next one month (catch all the juicy bits on my instagram story)

Habit: so, currently I haven’t worked on any habit, just because I’m the most brain-cluttered person in this world. Is there a remedy for forgetfulness/short memory loss? I need it, help me please *sobs in efik*

Reading: guess who joined a bookclub? Hehehe, so I’m gradually ticking off everything on my bucketlist (click here to read). I was introduced to this book club by Nnedi Susan (wonderful gal) and while I’ve only attended one session, it was some sort of an eye-opener. The books I devoured in June are:

The pressure cooker by Nkiru Olumide-Ojo

the pressure cooker

Born on a Tuesday by Elnathan John

Born on a Tuesday

Born a crime by Trevor Noah


American Wedding by Tayari Jones

An American wedding

Expect a book review soon and yeah I know I’m reading some books late but I’d like to share lessons learned and you can never have too many reviews too you know.

Fashion designing: so, I’ve been working on a collection, finished up with the sketches, what’s next is to make first samples and then produce in actual fabrics. But here’s the challenge, I can’t find the main fabric I’d like to use. The resources in this town (in terms of fabrics) are quite limited (in my opinion though) and extremely on the high side. So I might have to put off showcasing for now (maybe).




Language: still learning Spanish, in written form, lol.

Places: So, I visited Tinapa Lakeside Resort with a couple of friends and the place is divine but empty like a ghost town.

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Blog: so, we stuck to the schedule guys, yippee, super proud. June had fire contents mehn, I had two guest posts and one collaboration post with my baby girl Mandy.

The content I put out for you guys in June was swallowed up with enthusiasm and gusto, and I relish and cherish (see me rhyming) all comments.

Events: I attended a event called “young and emerging political leaders forum” tagged “the deciding factor”. First of all, politics isn’t a major interest for me (I haven’t grasped it fully) and I attended this out of curiosity and the fact that someone in my bookclub had VIP access tickets, so I figured “what the heck?”. It was somewhat eventful, although I left before it ended but Charlie boy was there and it was all political. I might do a review on it, so watch this space.




Amaka: the past 6months has been crazily overwhelming. It was a mixture of so many things and emotions, I think these past months, I’ve cried more than I ordinarily would and I don’t even cry often. I guess the reality of life hit me real hard, from losing friends, to getting so broke my account was blood red, to depression, to the ultimate truth that this life is just too short. The reality of life hit me when I lost a friend of a friend who was just awesome in every way and hadn’t even accomplished all he wanted to accomplish. And the annoying thing is this reality kept hitting me smack in the face each time I wake up and I’m getting prepared for work.

Running a business isn’t a day’s job (I know this sha) but I thought I had everything all planned out you know from business plan to budget to legal issues, I thought I was set but then again, reality hit me smack in the face.

Anyways, the first half of the year has ended and I took a look at the goals I set from the beginning of the year and truthfully, I’m not half-way gone. Although there are some with timelines for October, November and December, the ones from January to June, I have to roll over. I know I’ll get all my goals resolved before the year runs out (I’m extremely positive).

Thank you amazingly for all your support and views, I had a giveaway and although my enemies’ village people wanted to try themselves, it was a successful one. A major giveaway coming soon so watch this space darlings.

Thank you so much for staying with me all through to the second half of the year, I LOVE YOU GUYS.

Stay POSITIVE this month and don’t forget to be HAPPY and MAKE MAGIC.












DISCLAIMER: All book covers gotten from google, keep calm image, July images gotten from Pinterest and all other images taken by my awesome friends and me (shot on my Samsung Galaxy S5).

OUTFIT DETAILS: Pants: @designsbyamaka

Top: @St.Genevieve

Floral dress: Thrifted




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