Hey you guys, what’s good? The weekend is almost upon us, I feel like this week is taking forever. It also feels like a long time since my last post (which you can read here), I think it’s probably because I’ve been a bit sick.
Anyways, I found a new way to document my posts (might not be new though), I like to have conversations in my head and so I decided to always just record myself having a conversation with myself, lol, that way I can always have my thoughts on backup. Does this even make sense?


I recall when I was much younger, pre-teens, I couldn’t wait to be a teenager, then bam! I became one. Then as a teenager I couldn’t wait to be an adult and show my momma that I’m a big girl and boom! I became an adult and right now I’m sick of it. I miss the carefree days of just chilling with no worries (except how to stay in the first position in class, this was my biggest worry), but I guess life happened.

Life reveals itself to us in more ways than one and believe me it can be really overwhelming. I got my first glimpse of life when I got into university. Yeah I had that classic moment of “woohoo, off to uni, no one to boss me around”, but that my friends, was when life started to manifest and show itself.

I learnt to fend for myself, to make decisions on want to eat and how to go about certain things, thank God for technology I still could ask for help from my fam, but then bulk of decisions were made by me (how cruel can that be).

Growing up comes with a lot of responsibility I tell you, yen yen I’m not married nor do I have kids but then again there are responsibilities undertaken as adults.
Lol, I remember my first selfless act as a kid, I laid down my dream of being a lawyer for my sis and turned to being a doctor (classic heh?)

You see a lot of people think I’m balling because I have three sisters, yeah I get it, I don’t get to buy clothes often (shoes are a no go), I get to ask for things but really all these are just surface thinking.


Do you how hard it is not to compare myself with my sisters or have someone compare me with my sisters? In my first year in school (both my bro and sis finished from this school), I had to struggle with not living in my sister’s shadow. Everyone recognized me as Prudy’s younger sister and some made comments like “I hope you’ll be like your sister”. These comments may or may not have come from good places but the comparison was there and it was totally messing with me (legit). This is all part of growing up, with older siblings, trying to carve out a place/niche for myself.

Adulting (if there’s a word like this) in my opinion is pretty crazy, yen yen there’s light at the end of the tunnel; well let’s focus on the present yeah.

There are so many things that influence adulthood and growing up from family to peers to environment to religion and all what not. But like I always say “life is what you make out of it”, I read a post today by BennyMakachi on self-care and I must say it had me thinking and I realized the only self-care practices I carry out are “me-time” and “shedding of unnecessary pressure”.

Understanding yourself while growing up is key to a healthy adulthood, caring for oneself is very important and by God I’m going to be practicing alot of self-care on myself.

Well darlings, this is just me rambling but in all growing up can be really daunting and intimidating with trying to get a job, grow your business and stay financially free, be spiritually grounded and emotionally and mentally stable.

Moving on to 5 quotes I love at the moment;

1. To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people just exist – Oscar Wilde.


2. Success is liking yourself, liking what you do and liking how you do it – Maya Angelou

3. Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory – Dr. Seuss

Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory – Dr. Seuss
4. If a little is not enough for you, then nothing is – Epicurus

5. The reason we have two ears and only one mouth is so we might listen more and talk less – Zeno.


And well, as a rebel that I am (you know this) bonus favourite quote at the moment:

You have to assemble your life yourself-action by action – Marcus Aurelius.


I really hope you enjoyed my mini rambling, please share your thoughts on growing up, what does it feel like and challenges you face.





  1. Joy says:

    Adulthood is extremely daunting, it really is. The fact that you think because you’re away from everybody, that everything would be easy issa great scam, that’s even when it’s hardest. We just have to constantly be in sync with God and listen to our parents. Lately, I’ve learnt that when older adults say we shouldn’t do stuff, we should really listen, because sometimes, it actually pays to learn from another person’s mistake rather than ours
    This article is very enlightening
    And I particularly like the quote that says most people exist,,, I personally don’t even know the difference,, so deep, I guess I’ll do research, looll
    Well done b ♥ ♥

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  2. Laolu says:

    Wud up ladies and gentlemen. My wife got a mention on lifeofamaka!!! We Global now… shrrr shrrr We world wide… We disssaaa some accolades.

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  3. Bukola says:

    Where do I even start……..
    These days I just look at children and envy them. They are really balling. Thinking about the responsibilities of adulthood can be daunting but I just believe in taking things one day at a time. Give my best today and tomorrow will be awesome.
    Beautiful piece Amaka😍

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  4. Doris says:

    Growing is indeed a lot of responsibility; decision making is the most of it, I wouldn’t say that I missed it cos I don’t even recall being a child and being carefree. I had to grow up fast to take care of Amaka. Lol!
    I didn’t have the luxury of living in anyone’s shadow(that’s putting it mildly), I carved out one for myself real quick. While I enjoy being an adult, may be cos I’m a controller and I have to be there strong for my younger ones, I also love the care free nature of children, who have no real care in the world.

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