I am 24years old, a Biochemist, a Fashion designer, Photographer…in training, a Makeup enthusiast, lover of God, Nigerian and a Petite Igbo Chick.

I love to read, books are my getaway from the world, I love bein transported to a whole new world of fantasy, suspense, thriller and intrigue. I enjoy really good music (i listen to quite a lot of music) and I think my taste in music is amazing.

I’m really secretive, slightly emotional (but my E.Q is low), I have mad love for my family and friends, I hate dogs (well puppies don’t count), I think I like cats, I’m a fire dancer (trust me I gat moves) and I love to sing

I love fashion, I like to think my style is comfortable, classic, stylishly tomboy-ish and essentially…ME. Fashion is art and even though I don’t understand art sometimes I can relate to it most of the time.

I love food a lot, I love coffee and coca-cola, I’m an extroverted introvert which means my extrovert sometimes overshadows my introvert. I can’t stand crowd and I hate public speaking. I am really shy and I crack my knuckles when I’m shy, nervous or anxious.

So, this is me sharing my very tiny space with you in Fashion, Diary of Amaka, Lifestyle and Living in Calabar.

Please share my space with me, take a seat and stick around.



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